Sunchem Actual strategy and market positioning

Sunchem is going to position itself as a “full value chain partner”.

Sunchem controls the energy tobacco project from the genetic to the market (G2M)
Based on:

  • The genetic control of the energy tobacco (patent and Solaris variety)
  • The differentiation of the unique agronomic protocol (related to countries)
  • The value partnership with oil processing and distribution companies

The approach of Sunchem Holding at the international level involves:

– Scouting, penetration and understanding of the market
– Activation models of partnership with local actors
– Start agronomic testing and sharing business model
– Start the pre-industrial phase and understanding of the value chain in terms of: sustainability, profitability and competitiveness
– Start the industrial phase


Sunchem Team, analyzing the value chain approach and model, has structured an integrated approach named 1SEC – 1stop-energycrop valuing all market-way-out of the energy-tobacco plant.